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Principles of Culture Change

  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Community
  • Relationships
  • Choice

What Is Culture Change? (by
“Culture change” is the common name given to the national movement for the transformation of older adult services, based on person-directed values and practices where the voices of elders and those working with them always come first. Core person-directed values are choice, dignity, respect, self-determination, and purposeful living. Culture change transformation supports the creation of both long and short-term living environments as well as community-based settings where both older adults and their caregivers are able to express choice and practice self-determination in meaningful ways at every level of daily life. Culture change transformation may require changes in organization practices, physical environments, relationships at all levels and workforce models – leading to better outcomes for consumers and direct care workers without inflicting detrimental costs on providers.

culture change

State Contacts for Culture Change

bullet California Culture Change Coalition:
bullet Colorado Culture Change Coalition:
bullet Connecticut Culture Change Coalition:

bullet Florida Pioneer Network:
bullet Culture Change Network of Georgia:
bullet Illinois Pioneer Coalition:

bullet Indiana Culture Change Coalition (ICCC):

bullet Iowa Person Directed Care Coalition:
bullet Kentucky Coalition for Person-Centered Care:

bullet L.E.A.D.E.R. - La. Culture Change Coalition: 

bullet Minnesota Culture Change Coalition:
bullet Innovation Network of New Mexico:
bullet North Carolina Coalition for Long Term Care Enhancement:
bullet Ohio Person-Centered Care Coalition (OPC3):
bullet Pennsylvania Culture Change Coalition (PCCC):
bullet RI Generations:

bullet TN Eden Alternative Coalition:

bullet CARE Wisconsin:

bullet Wisconsin Coalition for Person Directed Care:

Pioneer Network
Pioneer Network, Culture Change, State chapters

Pioneer Network Values and Principles

*Know each person

*Put the person before the task

*Risk taking is a normal part of life

*Promote the growth and development of all

*Respond to spirit, as well as mind and body

*Each person can and does make a difference

*Community is the antidote to institutionalization

*Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

*All elders are entitled to self-determination wherever they live.

*Relationship is the fundamental building block of a transformed culture.

*Shape and use the potential of the environment in all its aspects: physical, organizational and psycho /social / spiritual.

*Recognize that culture change and transformation are not destinations, but a journey always a work in progress.






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