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Intergenerational Programming
Links and lists of services that provide intergenerational programming.

If you know of a program for your state or an international one, click here to let us know...

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Lake Shore Family Center
845 Rtes. 5 and 20
Irving, New York 14081
716 934 2353

Our facility houses a child daycare as well as a social model adult day care .  Daily activities include intergenerational activities with every age group from the infants to school-agers.  Our senior adults also have the freedom to visit the children's classrooms whenever they would like to during the day. Activities often include cooking, exercise, crafts, music and socialization.  The program is unique to our area in that both programs are housed in the same facility, and staff is dually trained to work with both age groups of participants. 

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Presence Intergenerational  Program
Presence Fortin Villa Learning Center
1025 North Washington Ave.
Kankakee, IL 60901

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All Seasons Preschool
Inver Glen Senior Living
7260 South Robert Trail
inver grove heights, Minnesota 55077
651 450-0606
Our nature and art-based preschool is housed inside Inver Glen Senior Living.  We offer daily activities with senior adults who live in the building. 

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Willson House Child Development Center
United Methodist Retirement Center
1625 Center ST NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

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Earth's Elders (SHARE Program)
Scarsdale-Edgemont Family Counseling Service
Scarsdale NY, 10583

Once a year program at the middle school to coinside with a year long cirriculum around aging. Older adult from the community are interviewed by 6th graders about their lives and then the students write a biography based on the interviews. Cirriculum is based on the book: Earth Elders by Jerry Friedman (see earth's elders foundation)

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Noah's Ark Children's Center
The Communities of Maple Lawn
700 North Main


The Communities of Maple Lawn is a continuing care retirement community located in central Illinois. An award winning intergenerational program was realized when it was decided that a child care center should be also located on our campus. Maple Lawn's vision for beginning a children's center with an intergenerational program is a life enrichment experience for both the young and old. Each age group at Noah's Ark interacts with seniors living throughout the Maple Lawn community. Planned activities along with impromptu visits foster relationships of unconditional love and acceptance. Seniors respond with joy and acceptance when the young children make their daily visits to the nursing home. God has blessed us with not only a quality center to teach young children but has also allowed us to uplift and brighten each day of nearly 100 elderly folks. The interaction between the generations is priceless.

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Students and Seniors Intergenerational Program Home to Home Foundation
84 Progress Lane


The Home to Home Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing joy, purpose and fulfillment to nursing home residents in Western Connecticut through meaningful, individualized programs and extensive communtity involvement. We reimburse for transportation and other program costs for local school groups of all ages to visit nursing home residents and participate in a variety of activity programs including choir programs, arts & crafts; oral histories;

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Spectrum Generation Bridge
Spectrum Arts Productions
505 Court St.
N.Y. 11231

Seniors and teens meet twice a week for six weeks for 2 hours  and participate in improv games, discussions and theatre exercies  led by  theatre professional.

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O-2-B-4 Again and Back2Life
Ko-Sha-Rey Rhythms Therapeutics

11035 Blue Coral Drive
Boca Raton


An inter-generational wellness-emphasis program employs physical and social activities and health education in a layered context that has a solid conceptual basis, employs systematic evaluative research and is enjoyable.

The 4 year-old educational course and volunteer program (as of 2010) started as an inter-generational activity focused on mobility, independence and aging. The flagship class called O-2-B-4 Again brings children 4-8 together with elders that are interested in maintaining a high-level of movement security. It is a successful program featured in the Generations United program.

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In the Mix 1001  “BRIDGING THE YEARS...Teens and Seniors Mix it Up!” 
 29 Min.   
Copyright 2008 Castle Works, Inc.     ISBN: 1931843694

Intergenerational programs are on the rise across the country, providing a place for teenagers and senior citizens to come together to share talents, resources, and support. First, we see how much fun high school art students and older adults at the senior center have working together to create murals and mosaic tables to beautify a local community park in their small town. Then we visit an intergenerational center which has a unique initiative that pairs autistic teens with surrogate “grandmas and grandpas” who work patiently to improve the teens’ communication and social skills. High school volunteers also enjoy helping at the center. We close with a theatrical flourish as older Hispanic women and at-risk students in NYC inspire each other as they create and perform a play to a full house. Throughout this program we hear how stereotypes are dispelled as the groups realize how much they have much in common. In addition to having fun, the teens find emotional support and welcome advice, and the seniors feel useful. It’s a “win-win” for everyone and encourages teens to volunteer with seniors. This program was made possible by MetLife Foundation.


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Valley Catholic Middle School's Living History Projects Valley Catholic Middle School
4275 SW 148th Ave


Three part middle school program that involve four seperate entities including: Valley Catholic Middle School students, Maryville Nursing Home Residents, the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, and the children of Little Flower Development Center.

Seventh Grade Weekly Projects
Teams of seventh grade students experienced the full spectrum of ages on the SSMO Campus. The students spent half the year visiting with a Sister, learning about her life and sharing her special gifts. Students spent the other half of the year visiting with a class at Little Flower Development Center, learning how to teach age-appropriate lessons, facilitate group activities, and develop relationships with the children in their assigned classrooms.

Eighth Grade Weekly Projects

Pairs of eighth grade students visit with and interview one Maryville resident weekly throughout the school year. The students spend the first half of the year getting to know their resident and learning how to interviewing and take appropriate notes, all the while developing a relationship with their Maryville resident. In the second semester, students write a biography on their resident. The final biography is presented at the Living History event both as a way to honor and thank their resident for the year long visits and guidance, but also to showcase their resident’s life and the student’s individual work. Join us at this mini-publishing fair and see the stories of many people.

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Peaceful Parenting Let's Play Program
Jewish Family Service of San Diego
285 N. El Camino Real, Suite 218

(858) 637-3300

Let’s Play, funded by First 5 San Diego, is an intergenerational program that brings together volunteer seniors and families with pre-school aged children. Volunteers make home visits to play and interact with children ages 1-4 which helps parents realize the importance of their role as their children's first teacher. Trainings for Let’s Play will be conducted by experts in the field of child development and JFS staff. A $50 monthly stipend ($75 for bi-lingual volunteers) and gas card will be provided to help cover expenses.

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Florida Intergenerational Orchestra(musicians ages 5-88)
Florida Intergenerational Orchestra
6442 NW 42nd Way
Boca Raton

561 995-0950

Florida Intergenerational Orchestra conducted by founder Lorraine Marks has musicians ages 5-88 in four orchestras from beginners through advanced leval.

Marilyn and Gordon Macklin Intergenerational Institute

Imagine a place where a 98 year old is feeding an infant, where an 87 year old is sharing her walker with a youngster who’s just learning to walk, and where a 4 year old suddenly discovers that her 78 year old friend has to take his teeth out to brush them! Imagine a place where people of all ages come together, building ongoing, meaningful relationships.

In a time and society where individuals are separated by age, where could this possibly occur? There is such a place . . .

The Marilyn & Gordon Macklin Intergenerational Institute in Findlay, Ohio.

Preventive Aging Center, Inc.
823 West Park Avenue, #256
Ocean, NJ 07712
Phone (732) 233-4625
Facsimile (631) 498-0026

PAC Preschool/Senior Companion Program: Preventive Aging Center, Inc. is a nonprofit organization co-founded in 1992 by Timothy B. Cassidy, its Executive Director. Its mission is to provide free wellness and intergenerational programs to senior citizens in the community. The interaction of older seniors and children is mutually beneficial... click here for more about PAC.

Tiny Tiger Intergenerational Center
Child Care Centers of Marshfield Inc./ Companion Day Services, Inc./School District of Marshfield
905 tiny Tigers Court
Marshfield, WI 54449

Imagine a place where a 88 year old man shares his walker with a 3 year old, where a 4 year old and a 93 year write their names together...

Imagine a place where people of all ages come together, interacting, exploring, and building meaningful relationships. The power of combining two populations at opposite ends of the spectrum will be realized in the Tiny Tiger Intergenerational Center.

We have become a segregated society, children go to child care, adults go to work and elders spend their later years in nursing homes or senior facilities. Many families are spread all over the country and do not have the opportunity to see their grandchildren/grandparents. Nothing lights up an elders face like a child!

The senior adult population suffers from the three plagues of aging (Loneliness, Helplessness and Boredom) and children need interaction, guidance and exploration. These two generations can meet each other's needs perfectly. (Dr. Vicki Rosebrook from Macklin Intergeneration Institute, Finley Oho)


Children's Family Center
Children's Family Center at Messiah Village
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

For over 27 years, Children’s Family Center at Messiah Village has been providing the Central Pennsylvania area with a unique, shared-site intergenerational childcare program. The founders of Children’s Family Center began the intergenerational program with ten children who met in a two-room apartment rented from Messiah Village. From these modest beginnings, Children’s Family Center has grown into a full-scale childcare center and the intergenerational program has blossomed into a multifaceted program full of interactions between the children and seniors.

Today, Children’s Family Center serves over 70 children from 6 weeks of age through Kindergarten with 30 additional children who attend the Summer Camp Program. The strength of the Intergenerational program is directly related to Children’s Family Center’s location within Messiah Village. Each day numerous informal interactions occur as the children go for walks in the hallways and on the sidewalks around the Village. And, because of it’s location in the courtyard of the nursing care area, the Center’s playground is a great place for the children and seniors to wave to one another through the windows. The formal interactions cover a broader spectrum of the program. Each day, groups of children visit areas within Messiah Village’s Nursing Care, Assisted Living, and Adult Day Services for a planned intergenerational activity. The Teachers and Activity Leaders take turns planning these activities. During the activities the children and seniors interact by making crafts together, singing together, and doing exercises together. Also, once a month a small group of Children’s Family Center’s children and a few residents meet for an indoor picnic lunch. Throughout the year there are also parties and special gatherings where the children and seniors interact.

At the heart of the intergenerational program is the volunteer program. The senior volunteers, who the children affectionately call Grandbears, come from all levels of care to spend time with the children. The Grandbears participate in various ways. Some of the Grandbears like to rock the infants, while others prefer reading to the pre-school aged children, some of the Grandbears even swim with the Kindergarteners and help to chaperone the Summer Camp fieldtrips.

Dorson Home Care Center
Sonya Scott
Internet Intergenerational Program
Newark, NJ
For seniors with internet access who are looking for an intergenerational pen pal program. These are children ages 11-15 who correspond with seniors in nursing homes, adult day care, assisted liviing, senior centers, ccrc or seniors unable to leave their homes. Letters are screened by volunteers. To get started simply email a letter to speede1212* and provide name of facility, representative name, phone number,address, email address, name of client. You can even have the senior begin the first letter. This is a great intergenerational program.

Dorson Home Care Center

This is a non profit group with children ages 10-15 who pen pal with seniors in long term care, assisted living, adult day care, senior centers. Simply write a letter with the name of your ogranization, first name of senior, contact number, contact representative. All in coming and out going letters are screened by volunteers. Great intergenerational program.

Tina McCulloch
101 S. Locust Street IL
We received some grant funds to place a computer with Internet access at a local nursing home. Youth are used as volunteers to help residents in sending and receiving e-mail. We also offer summer sessions for youth and residents including a "Girls Tea Party", A "Pioneer Day", "Wild West Day", etc. Each day will have activities, food and crafts relating to that particular subject. The residents love seeing the kids and the kids enjoy interacting with the residents.

Pet Express - Pet Therapy Club
Facility Sponsored Pet Therapy Program & Intergenerational Program

National Garden Association

Youth Garden Grant Award
1800.5638.7476 x 205
email: info*
Deadline November 1
Each project selected will receive tools, seeds, garden products and educational materials worth hundreds of dollars.

New Jersey Intergenerational Programs

Resource Book: The New Jersey Intergenerational Network
P.O. Box 235
South Orange, NJ 07079
To join the NJIN write to Membership: P.O. Box 235, South Orange, NJ 07079

Achieve Volunteer Tutor Program
Volunteers are trained to help children with their school work. Senior citizens serve as tutors.

Adopt A Grandparent
Grad school aged children are paired with seniors.

America Reads
RSVP volunteers placed in the America Reads Program tutor children in the classroom or one on one.

Archway Seniors
Students visit seniors. They will also do interviews of seniors about life when they were in grade school.

Beach Haven School
Club meets once a month. Seniors join students for an activity and stay for snack or lunch.

Brother Bonaventure Extended Care
Involve children and nursing home residents in sing a longs, readings, games and themed songs.

Building a Family
Church youth group meets each Saturday. Once a month they are joined by seniors. May come to the facility.

Building Bridges

Buttonwood Hospital
Consists of youth volunteers who have the opportunity to interact with seniors.

Carnival WWII Program
WWII project where seniors share memories with students.

Central NJ Jewish Home for the Aged
Youth visit home and become involved in programs, like pen pals, MITZVAH and Intergenerational proms.

Christmas Visits
Children entertain seniors with holiday songs and skits in French.

Clowns on Call
RSVP volunteers clowns use skills to entertain children

Colonia Middle School Kids for Kindness
Provides stimulation for youths and seniors.

Color A Smile
Collects crayon drawings from school children that are mailed all around the country mostly to seniors citizens in an attempt to bring a smile to their lives.

National Intergenerational Programs

Hands Across the Ages
Westridge Elementary School & Becker Shoop Center
Contact Name: Marcie Molbeck, 6101 16th Street, WI
Phone Number: (262)637-7489 Ext.33
E-mail: mmolbeck*

Intergenerational program funded through The Milken Foundation. For two years elementary students(145 students)from nearby school make weekly visits during the school year to Becker Shoop Center, an alzheimer's facility. Together, residents and students participate in a variety of activity programs such as arts & crafts, reading, sing alongs, games, etc. Both students and residents look forward to their weekly visits.
Ideas, word search, themes, etc.


Ideas for Intergenerational Activities from Intergenerational Innovations:

*Host an Intergenerational Community concert by inviting musicians of all ages in the community to perform together. Involve retired and current music instructors and college students in planning and conducting the performance.
Gerry Coban "Danze Innovations" 201-424-5384

*Host a Grandpersons' Day, encouraging students to invite their grandparents or an older friend/neighbor to school for a special performance and/ or lunch.

*Sponsor an Intergenerational Support Day where students can volunteer to help older neighbors with tasks such as yard work, grocery shopping and older neighbors can provide respite for parents or volunteer at a local child care center.

*Organize a Community Forum of younger and older persons to discuss issues of importance to both groups (e.g. crime, ways to improve the community)

*Sponsor an Intergenerational Olympics. For example, there can be tournaments in tennis, ping pong, scrabble, trivia, chess, etc. Teams can be composed of youngsters with persons from at least one skipped generation. One can organize a "Century Tournament" where the teams must be made up of two members who together equal 100 years or older.

*Organize an Intergenerational Art Exchange between a group of older artists and young students. Art Works can be displayed at a school, senior center community center, shopping mall, etc.

*Sponsor a Writing Contest on My Favorite Older Person and My favorite Younger Person and the winning entries can be published in the local newspapers.

*Develop a special Lesson Plan on Aging for teachers in area schools to use during National Intergenerational Week (the third week of May)

*Coordinate a Career Day at a local elementary, middle or high school or community college. Invite retired members of the community to speak to students about their work experiences. Or - involve students in vocational classes or community college programs with older adults, who can help them gain hands on experience for instance, transport cosmetology students to nursing homes to provide manicures, pedicures, haircuts to residents. Also professional workers in the aging field can provide talks, tours and or written materials to students on the work they performed.

*Conduct an Interview Activity where students brainstorm questions and then invite able centenarians or other older persons to talk about their past and present lives in the classrooms.

*Host a Folk Craft Day whereby community members can teach a craft once popular but unknown to most of today's children's, such as quilting, woodcarving, bread making, weaving, tatting, etc.

*Create an Intergenerational Talent Show whereby students and older persons learn and perform the songs, games, dances and music spanning the last 100 years.

*Develop an Intergenerational Orchestra or Chorus, which involves persons of all generations.

*Open school buildings or senior centers for an Intergenerational Health Fair. Provide information on health subjects ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics.

*Create Birthday Cards for residents living in neighborhood nursing homes.

*Invite your local educational institutions, aging organizations and a local shopping mall or community center to sponsor an Intergenerational Awareness Day. Provide information, presentation, and representatives on local intergenerational programs and opportunities.

*Create a special event for older persons to visit a nearby child care center or have young children visit a nearby retirement or nursing home center. Perhaps organize an Intergenerational Picnic or Field Trip where by children's grandparents or older friends can participate.

*Sponsor an Intergenerational Film Festival where both documentary and fictional films can be shown depicting intergenerational programs throughout the US and Canada as well as films about older and younger persons' relationships. Excellent media can rented or loaned by film distributors and libraries.

*Create an Intergenerational Quilt perhaps with the theme of highlights of the twentieth century.

** Plant an Intergenerational Garden together with a group of Master Gardeners in the springtime and then have a harvest party months later.


Gardening with Kids

Email our troops.



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