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Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care
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Staff Inservices
Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care provides training for staff working in long term care facilities, adult day care, hospitals, and other health care facilities.

    ABUSE: Verbal, Physical, Gestures
    Activities and Dementia
    Alzheimer's & Dementia 7 Hour Seminar
    Alzheimer's & Dementia Communication
    Alzheimer's & Dementia Overview
    Alzheimer's and Dementia Comprehensive Seminar Approved by the NCCDP
    Care Giver and Stress Management
    Clergy Approach to Dementia & Their Congregation
    Cluttered...Getting Organized
    Conflict and Negotiation
    Cultural Diversity
    Death and Dying
    Dementia & Aggression
    Dementia / Alzheimer' s Care Concerns
    Dementia-Tips for assessing driving capabilities and removing the car keys )For Health Care Workers, Law Enforcement, Clergy, EMT's)
    Developing Self Esteem in the Elderly
    Dietary Concerns & Dementia
    End of Life Issues
    Ethics in the Work Place
    Ethics Again- Case Studies & Discussion
    Flipped - Up Close and Personal. We are the CNA's and Your Staff are the Patients.
    How to Revitalize Your Support Group
    Low Functioning Activities
    MEPAP 2nd Edition
    Population Analysis & Calendar Analysis Developing a Strong Recreation Calendar
    Recognizing Abuse and Neglect in the Home (For Health Care Workers, Law Enforcement, EMTs, Clergy)
    Recognizing Pain in the Elderly
    Resident Council - How to Empower Your Residents & Make It Work for You
    Self Esteem and the Elderly
    Sensitivity Awareness Training
    Sensory Stimulation Development & Why You need this program
    Spirituality and the Aging
    Stress Management
    Surveying Dementia
    Trends In Nursing Home Activities, Preparing for the next generation
    Violence in the Work Place
    Volunteer Management
    Wandering Hoarding & Sexuality
    Caring for Aggressive Adults
    Difficult Behaviors
    Helping people with Dementia & ADLS
    Overview of Dementia
    Recreational Activities for Dementia Clients
    Resident Rights Issues
    Stress Management
    What is it and how to stop it!
    Working with Challenging Behavior

    Contact Sandra Stimson at .

    We also sell INSERVICE packets with ready to use inservices that you can present to staff.

    Click here to purchase the inservices.


Study Guides
Alternative Solutions in Long Term Care, LLC provide resources and services for Health Care Professionals and Care Givers. Recreation Therapists, Activity Directors, Social Workers, Creative Arts Specialists, and other health care workers utilize this site to obtain information and purchase products for use in nursing homes and long term care facilities. Products and resources include sensory stimulation products, relaxation videos, party supplies, care plans, activity calendars, and more. For additional resources visit our associate site the Therapeutic Recreation Directory at To become certified in Dementia Care go to


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